Interviews and features

Interview in magazine of Kamera Express

Blog on the website of the Urban Photo Race

Photo on website

Photo in in association with Olympus.

Photo published in WeStreet 2016 photo book.

Olympus NL announces Fokko Muller to be the new Olympus Visionary on Facebook
Visionary page Fokko Muller on the Olympus website.

Jury member for the Urban Photo Race in Amsterdam 2016

Nine page interview in the paper photo magazine digifoto Starter with twelve of my street photos (in Dutch).

Podcast interview over straatfotografie met Marcel Wiegerinck van

Co-author of the book "Praktijkgids Fotograferen op reis" from Fox Verre Reizen van ANWB by publisher Pixfactory: chapter on street photography.

Publicatie foto man met scooter en hond uitgave LeasePlan Bank (pagina 33)

Co-author of the book "Praktijkboek Reisfotografie" by publisher Birdpix: chapter on street photography.

Podcast with Valerie Jardin in Street Focus Q&A and Street Challenge with me as co-host. recommends me as experienced street photography teacher.

Podcast with Valerie Jardin in Street Focus about street photography in Amsterdam

Feature Dutch TV program "Man bijt hond" as streetphotographer:
Compilation of my fragment.
Link to item on website of broadcast.

Report of my street walk with Thomas Leuthard and friend in Amsterdam.

Second place NK Fotografie 2014

Promotion film about my workshop street photography.

Feature "The best Street Photographer Portfolios For Inspiration - Part 7.

Google Hangout conversation about street photography with Valerié Jardin.

Feature as street photographer in "Follow Friday" topic.

Feature as "Best of 2012: Street.

Feature Michael Ares "Interesting photographers (set 4).

Feature "12 talented street photographers on ".

Photo 'The Violinist" chosen as editors choice on

Photo profile Seven by Five.

Feature Street Photographer Blog.

Feature Eric Kim "The 30 most inspirational photographers on Flickr".



Photo "Run for the dog" citizenM hotel - Amsterdam.

Photo "Traffic controller" Blackandwhitestreet,com - Tejada Canary Island

"Modern Street Photo" State Center of Fine Arts - Novosibirsk Russia
Facebook event.
Novosibirsk News (16:20 - 18:50).

"Whisper of the Street".

"Theo van Doesburgcentrum" - Vlissingen

Los Angeles Street Photography group Hatakeyama Gallery - Los Angeles