Team Polaroid

Team Polaroid takes polaroid photos on events, parties and weddings; private as well as business. I provided them group photos and profile photos of the team members.

A personal choice of the photos are showcased here. The final picks of Team Polaroid can be seen on their website.

Commissioned project.

RET (Rotterdamse Elektrische Tram)

16 hours continuous street photography in the Rotterdam subway and on the stations of the line (2013).

Finished project.

Huishoudbeurs / Housekeeping Fair Amsterdam

Series taken in Amsterdam during the Huishoudbeurs / Housekeeping Fair in the RAI building in Amsterdam (2016)

Finished project.

New Year's Dive

Series taken in Zwolle during the New Year's Dive (2016).

Finished project.

Bottom Down

Series taken in Brighton and Eastbourne showing people on benches and beach chairs (2013).

Finished project.


Unrecognizable people.

Ongoing project.


People seen through a window or other glass separator.

Ongoing project.

Street Fragments

Street objects, no people required.

Ongoing project.

Street Dogs

Ongoing project.