Golden Oldie #3

Deze foto maakte ik in januari 2011 in Groningen. In straatfotografie laat ik graag interacties tussen mensen zien. Soms lijkt de communicatie tussen mensen verdwenen, hoewel dit erg suggestief is om zo te stellen als je deze mensen niet kent.

Ik zat op mijn knieën voor het raam van café-restaurant Huis De Beurs op de hoek Akerkhof en Folkingestraat. Ik zocht een laag standpunt om mezelf niet in de reflectie te zien en om het deel van de fiets in beeld te krijgen. Op het moment van afdrukken had ik oogcontact met beide mensen.

Thuis zag ik pas de tekst op de fiets "Kom Weerom'.

Deze foto is erg waardevol voor me. Ik kijk er graag naar vanwege de emotie, compositie, reflectie en de rust die er uit straalt.

Ik gaf de foto de titel "Happy Hour'.

Flash debut

Yesterday I met Fernando Pires Coulho In Amsterdam. We did some street walking but more street photography talking. At some point we decided that it was time for using the flash on the street. I use the Olympus OMD5 with the flash that came with the camera. A small flash that you put on the hot shoe.

It was fun to do. I felt comfortable using the flash. I was absolutely more visible of course and I heard some surprised reactions.  I am planning to do this more often.

I am satisfied with this photo. These people were waiting in the line to visit the Anne Frank museum. It was cold with a strong wind. The woman took shelter under the man's coat. 

Geometric street photography

I took this photo with my iPhone when I was visiting the Market Hall in Rotterdam. I was with my son looking for a place to have diner so I didn't want to spend much time to take the shot. 

These kind of street photos seem very popular. I got more than 90 likes on it on Facebook while I normally receive 30 - 40 likes on a street photo. Although I appreciate the likes for this geometric shot, it is not my favorite work. It's kind of easy to make if you spot the right location. Then it is a matter of framing to get the symmetry right and wait a while to have some persons in the picture in a way that it looks more dynamic and organised.

I like the lines and the light and the (almost) symmetry, but these kind of photos don't give me any emotions. It's a clean photo, no more and no less. What I do like is that you can't be really sure in which direction the escalators are moving.

Well, some keen observers pointed out that the symmetry is not 100% perfect. And they are right! I should have moved 5 centimeters to the right.

Guest in Street Focus with host Valerie Jardin.

I was guest in the Street Focus show of Valerie Jardin in her series "Streets of the Worlds". In this podcast I am your guide to show you the best spots to shoot in Amsterdam. I couldn't help to promote Rotterdam of course, the city where I was born and grew up.

Check out the podcast and don't forget to check Valerie's other Street Focus shows.

Golden Oldie #2

I took this photo during my RET project in May 2012. RET stands for Rotterdamse Elektrische Tram and is the public transport company in Rotterdam. I did street photography for 16 hours on one day, starting 7:00 AM and ending 11:00 PM. I never left the subway stations. Shooting in trains and stations is not easy. Bad light situations require high ISO settings. By choosing the start and end time on a working day I saw many different people. People commuting, shopping, studying, doing their make-up, reading, listening music, gaming, sleeping, eating, running, waiting  ...

It was not only for fun that I did this project. I like to challenge myself and wanted to see how long I could stay focused on the street. Well, I can tell you that I had several dips during the day, periods that I didn't have a decent shot. I was also curious if I would have more good shots in a longer time frame. I was satisfied to have 10 decent shots, relatively not more than I go out for a regular street walk.

I can recommend to do such projects. It needs preparation and that is part of the fun. It brings you a series of photos that can be stronger together than the solo photos. With a system camera you also need some spare batteries.

The photo below is precious to me. I waited about 20 minutes on this overground train station, waiting for the right people to enter the frame. I played a little trick by rotating it 180 degrees. The only time I did this, but it makes this image stronger. I like the strong lines, the shadows and the empty spaces. For me this represents a decisive moment: an interesting event in a strong composition. Everything seems to work together in this photo.

Take a look at a collection of my RET photos

Street photography lectures on Fotofair 2015

I will give 2 lectures and a mini workshop street photography on the Fotofair 2015. I will be present on Sunday May 31 only. 

The Fotofair 2015 will be held on Saturday May 30 and Sunday May 31 at the event center of Beekse Bergen. A big event with the latest news on photography and media, workshops, master classes, demonstration, lectures and all kind of activities. More information on the website of Fotofair 2015.

More news later!

Looking back at 2014

Looking back at 2014

Looking back at 2014 I feel very happy with my photography activities.

First of all I remember the meetings with so many interesting people during my workshops street photography, my lectures and photo-walks. I met new photo friends and that inspired me a lot this year.

I was also very excited to publish my photo book - The Street - with 101 black and white street photos. This book represents my best work so far in the period 2010 until 2014. The first edition of 100 signed and numbered copies looks great. I still have some copies for sale!

Golden Oldie #1

I call this Golden Oldie "Golden Girl". It is one of my favorite photos so far. I very well remember the day I took it. Marcel Wiegerinck of had asked me if I would like to teach my workshops street photography in Eindhoven. That would make my workshops more available for people living in the south of The Netherlands. In August 2013 I went to Eindhoven to prepare my workshop because I didn't know the city. During my workshops I walk a certain route and the assignments for the participants needs to fit into the locations.

At the end of the day I was in the underground bike parking at the 18 Septemberplein and I saw the beautiful light shining into the escalator area. A perfect spot for a silhouette photo. It was quite busy and most of the time there were too many people on the escalator. Suddenly I saw this Asian girl with her bike. As soon as she was on the stairs I kind of blocked the entrance to avoid other people to disturb the scene. I took a few shots with a low point of view. I heard some people coughing impatiently behind my back. It took only 20 seconds and there she was: my Golden Girl.

People have asked if I used Photoshop for post processing. I never do. I used Lightroom for minimal post processing: a little more contrast and clarity.

Silhouette photos can be made quite easy. You need to have an eye for the locations and the light. Then wait for the right person to enter the frame and choose a good point of view. 

The bonus in my Golden Girl photo were the 3 other persons in the frame. I only saw them later on my computer. You need a bit of luck too!


Being part of an item on Dutch television

I am always open for new adventures and challenges. Of course my answer was "YES!" when I was asked to take part of an item on Dutch television. I found the idea for the program interesting: to show how 3 persons look differently to a city. They invited a skater, a guide from the Dom tower in Utrecht and a street photographer.

I asked them how they found me. Just by googling "Street photographer Utrecht" (in Dutch). When I googled that I found myself on the second page of the search results. I am not a street photographer from Utrecht, but I teach workshops in Utrecht and other cities. The SEO of my website and other platforms where I promote my workshops, works fine I guess. And they were impressed by my street photos.

The recording of the item was Friday November 21st and I was asked to be in Utrecht at 2:00 PM. The crew of 5 persons started already at 9:00 AM with the skater and I was the last one to be filmed. I had no idea that I had to read some lines in front of the camera and I didn't know that I had to walk with a GoPro camera on my head. Not easy to be discrete in that way I can promise you! They followed me for on hour asking me all sort of questions. The GoPro was intended to show people where I look when I shoot on the streets. The combination of the GoPro video material and my pictures works very good I think. 

I had a fantastic day with the crew. It was so much fun to be part of this. And I am very happy and proud of the results. 

I uploaded a YouTube video with a compilation of my fragments and a video with the full version of the item.
You can also find a link to the item on the website of the broadcasting company here.

Exhibition citizenM hotel Amsterdam

One of my photos is exhibited in the window of the citizenM hotel in Amsterdam. Together with New Master Artist they launched the 100 "Luggage" images from artists and photographers.
My photo shows model Laura Bergshoef running with a suitcase (2011). The model is staged and the dog and bike are not staged.

Photo by Jeff Krol

Photo by Jeff Krol

upc0211 - groningen~emmen - 20110220 - 145 - Copy.jpg

Boy behind glass

Photo taken on my way to meet Thomas Leuthard and other friends for a street photowalk in Amsterdam. Location Amsterdam South, a part of Amsterdam where you don't see many tourist. I like to walk in parts of a city where you can find locals.

This boy was enjoying the sun behind the window. I cropped the photo to 1:1 to remove myself from the left part of the reflection.

I will add this photo to my "Glassy" series.

Photowalk Amsterdam with Thomas Leuthard and friends

Saturday December 6th 2014 I had a meeting with Thomas Leuthard and I invited some street photography friends to join for a photowalk. Thomas was one of the persons that inspired me when I started to do street photography in 2010. And he is still inspiring me. I had a wonderful day and a head full of good memories!
I can recommend to organize a (street) photowalk with friends. Facebook is a fantastic way of having contact with photography friends all over the world, but for me the meetings in real life are the most precious. To see others shoot on the street, to talk about each others photos and dreams, to have a stop in a local pub and most of all to have fun together!