Project RET

Golden Oldie #2

I took this photo during my RET project in May 2012. RET stands for Rotterdamse Elektrische Tram and is the public transport company in Rotterdam. I did street photography for 16 hours on one day, starting 7:00 AM and ending 11:00 PM. I never left the subway stations. Shooting in trains and stations is not easy. Bad light situations require high ISO settings. By choosing the start and end time on a working day I saw many different people. People commuting, shopping, studying, doing their make-up, reading, listening music, gaming, sleeping, eating, running, waiting  ...

It was not only for fun that I did this project. I like to challenge myself and wanted to see how long I could stay focused on the street. Well, I can tell you that I had several dips during the day, periods that I didn't have a decent shot. I was also curious if I would have more good shots in a longer time frame. I was satisfied to have 10 decent shots, relatively not more than I go out for a regular street walk.

I can recommend to do such projects. It needs preparation and that is part of the fun. It brings you a series of photos that can be stronger together than the solo photos. With a system camera you also need some spare batteries.

The photo below is precious to me. I waited about 20 minutes on this overground train station, waiting for the right people to enter the frame. I played a little trick by rotating it 180 degrees. The only time I did this, but it makes this image stronger. I like the strong lines, the shadows and the empty spaces. For me this represents a decisive moment: an interesting event in a strong composition. Everything seems to work together in this photo.

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