Golden Oldie #1

I call this Golden Oldie "Golden Girl". It is one of my favorite photos so far. I very well remember the day I took it. Marcel Wiegerinck of had asked me if I would like to teach my workshops street photography in Eindhoven. That would make my workshops more available for people living in the south of The Netherlands. In August 2013 I went to Eindhoven to prepare my workshop because I didn't know the city. During my workshops I walk a certain route and the assignments for the participants needs to fit into the locations.

At the end of the day I was in the underground bike parking at the 18 Septemberplein and I saw the beautiful light shining into the escalator area. A perfect spot for a silhouette photo. It was quite busy and most of the time there were too many people on the escalator. Suddenly I saw this Asian girl with her bike. As soon as she was on the stairs I kind of blocked the entrance to avoid other people to disturb the scene. I took a few shots with a low point of view. I heard some people coughing impatiently behind my back. It took only 20 seconds and there she was: my Golden Girl.

People have asked if I used Photoshop for post processing. I never do. I used Lightroom for minimal post processing: a little more contrast and clarity.

Silhouette photos can be made quite easy. You need to have an eye for the locations and the light. Then wait for the right person to enter the frame and choose a good point of view. 

The bonus in my Golden Girl photo were the 3 other persons in the frame. I only saw them later on my computer. You need a bit of luck too!


Exhibition citizenM hotel Amsterdam

One of my photos is exhibited in the window of the citizenM hotel in Amsterdam. Together with New Master Artist they launched the 100 "Luggage" images from artists and photographers.
My photo shows model Laura Bergshoef running with a suitcase (2011). The model is staged and the dog and bike are not staged.

Photo by Jeff Krol

Photo by Jeff Krol

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