Geometric street photography

I took this photo with my iPhone when I was visiting the Market Hall in Rotterdam. I was with my son looking for a place to have diner so I didn't want to spend much time to take the shot. 

These kind of street photos seem very popular. I got more than 90 likes on it on Facebook while I normally receive 30 - 40 likes on a street photo. Although I appreciate the likes for this geometric shot, it is not my favorite work. It's kind of easy to make if you spot the right location. Then it is a matter of framing to get the symmetry right and wait a while to have some persons in the picture in a way that it looks more dynamic and organised.

I like the lines and the light and the (almost) symmetry, but these kind of photos don't give me any emotions. It's a clean photo, no more and no less. What I do like is that you can't be really sure in which direction the escalators are moving.

Well, some keen observers pointed out that the symmetry is not 100% perfect. And they are right! I should have moved 5 centimeters to the right.