Father and son on the road.

Yesterday I went to Rotterdam with my son Sven. He invited me to watch a football game between Feyenoord and FC Emmen. I am a fan of Feyenoord since I was born and now I live in Emmen. Funny match as you can understand. Sven is an Ajax fan (Amsterdam) so we had some mixed feelings for whom to cheer.

First we visited my parents and walked to the stadium. It was 40 years ago that I last went to a game there. The best stadium in The Netherlands. You are really close to the field as if you can touch the players.

It was not my intention to shoot any street photos but I couldn't resist to take some shots with my iPhone. This guy was sitting in front of me.

During the break Sven was hungry and ordered a genuine Feyenoord smoked sausage.

Always busy at the toilets during the break. The beer consumption was huge! Not for us, we came by car.

Time for some selfies. I really need to follow some kind of workshop to make a decent selfie. I took 20 by accident as I pressed and held the volume button that works like a shutter release. This was the best one:

My son intervened as he is an experienced selfie-shooter.

After the match we went into the city center and had diner at Pickles in the huge new Market Hall. My last shot of the day:

A great day it was!

All photos taken by iPhone and processed with Perfectly Clear and Snapseed on iPhone.