The power of street dogs

I am working on my project "Street Dogs" for several years now. It's one of my ongoing projects, probably a never ending project. Let me be clear that I am no pet-photographer. I love dogs, but in my street dogs project it is not only about the dog. You can always see some kind of relation with the owner of the dog. Sometimes you see the boss in the picture all the way:

Sometimes there's only a small link with the owner like a foot or a leash:

I like to show the environment to let you see that we are talking about a street dog. Small or large doesn't matter.

Most of the times I choose a low point of view. That's not difficult using the tiltable LCD screen of my OMD5 camera. I don't have to lie on the ground which can be tricky with some dogs ...

The suggestion of a homeless dog can be made by the image below:

This Oxford greyhound was just old and he struggled to keep up with his boss. 

You can find more street dogs here!