Being part of an item on Dutch television

I am always open for new adventures and challenges. Of course my answer was "YES!" when I was asked to take part of an item on Dutch television. I found the idea for the program interesting: to show how 3 persons look differently to a city. They invited a skater, a guide from the Dom tower in Utrecht and a street photographer.

I asked them how they found me. Just by googling "Street photographer Utrecht" (in Dutch). When I googled that I found myself on the second page of the search results. I am not a street photographer from Utrecht, but I teach workshops in Utrecht and other cities. The SEO of my website and other platforms where I promote my workshops, works fine I guess. And they were impressed by my street photos.

The recording of the item was Friday November 21st and I was asked to be in Utrecht at 2:00 PM. The crew of 5 persons started already at 9:00 AM with the skater and I was the last one to be filmed. I had no idea that I had to read some lines in front of the camera and I didn't know that I had to walk with a GoPro camera on my head. Not easy to be discrete in that way I can promise you! They followed me for on hour asking me all sort of questions. The GoPro was intended to show people where I look when I shoot on the streets. The combination of the GoPro video material and my pictures works very good I think. 

I had a fantastic day with the crew. It was so much fun to be part of this. And I am very happy and proud of the results. 

I uploaded a YouTube video with a compilation of my fragments and a video with the full version of the item.
You can also find a link to the item on the website of the broadcasting company here.